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Cruise chaos turns into this listener’s lucky day

It was a dramatic three days for passengers on a P&O cruise this weekend.

The cruise liner, Pacific Explorer, returned to Sydney twice during the trip, first to drop off seven passengers after a brawl.

A Russian woman has now been charged after allegedly glassing a 21-year-old man with an empty wine bottle.

After resuming its journey the cruise was again forced to turn around after a man slipped and injured his back.

Listener Gwen was on the ship at the time and tells Ray Hadley about her eventful weekend, saying she loved every minute of it despite the drama.

Gwen: “We had a terrific night. I haven’t seen dancing like it.  We were doing the jive.”

Ray: “You were doing the jive?”

Gwen: “My oath!”

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Gwen’s infectious on-air persona wasn’t just a hit with Ray Hadley.

In fact, it’s landed her a new job.

Carnival Cruises were so pleased with Gwen’s review, they’ve offered her a free cruise as well the job title Assistant Cruise Director.

Gwen wasn’t shy about who she wanted to join her on the next adventure.

“Are you available?”

“Gwenny behave yourself!”

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