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Crime rates falling as police crackdown on offenders

New statistics released by the Bureau of Crime Statistics & Research (BOCSAR) reveal crime in NSW is dropping, despite an increase in drug use and trafficking.

Don Weatherburn from BOCSAR tells Chris Smith police crackdowns have seen violent crimes fall to their lowest levels in 25 years.

“Major categories of crime… [are] the lowest they’ve been per head of population in 25 years, this includes murder.”

He admits drugs are still a massive problem.

“We’ve still got this problem with methamphetamine and cocaine.

“Dealing and trafficking cocaine has gone up by 64%, so we’ve had a whopping increase in the people who have been arrested for dealing and trafficking that drug,” he says.

“The growth in use and possession is a sign of increased consumption, usually we find these things go together.

“At the moment, the authorities are not successful in restricting the flow of this coming into the country.”

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