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Cricket Australia in strife over ‘dud’ deal as broadcaster backlash escalates

Cricket Australia’s broadcast deal with Seven West Media is increasingly in doubt after the broadcaster rejected the proposed fixture calendar.

A paywall for one-day cricket and “hit and miss quality” from one year to the next, James Willis said, made the broadcast deal “a dud from day one”.

The economic downturn and doubt over international competitors due to the coronavirus pandemic, however, has now made the deal grossly overvalued he argued.

“Seven’s deal is worth $450 million with Cricket, but the question is, is it still worth that?

“The answer to that is no.”

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Sydney Morning Herald chief sports reporter Chris Barrett told James a compromise from Cricket Australia is still a possibility.

“Even though their contract, if you listen to them, is rock solid if they deliver the content, they’ll probably have to offer some semblance of financial relief.

“The alternative though, with Seven playing such a hard game, is heading off to court.”

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