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Country music star Kelsea Ballerini hears her new song on the radio for the first time


American country music superstar Kelsea Ballerini has heard her new song played on the radio for the first time ever right here at 2GB.

Kelsea is in Australia headlining the huge Country to Country music festival alongside Tim McGraw and Midland.

She was in for a special treat when she joined John Stanley live in-studio, revealing it was the first time she’d heard her new song homecoming queen? on the radio “ever, anywhere, in any country!”

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Kelsea, who’s known for pushing boundaries by blending pop and country music, also reflected on what makes a song ‘country’.

“If you ask me, I think a country song is a song about your life.

“To me, that sonically doesn’t mean that it has to have a fiddle on it or a banjo on it.

“I think it’s about the song and the songwriting and the storytelling that it has.”


The Country to Country music festival will be in Sydney on Saturday 28 September and Brisbane on Sunday 29 September.

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