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Senator Cory Bernardi: ‘You live by the sword, you die by the sword’

It’s not good news for Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull as moderate Coalition MPs are reportedly turning their backs on their leader.

Next week he could face his 30th consecutive Newspoll loss, the same standard he used to contest Tony Abbott’s leadership.

Australian Conservatives Senator Cory Bernardi tells Ben Fordham moderate members in the Coalition aren’t ready to contest the leadership, but want the right faction to move and weaken the government.

“That’s the Machiavellian plot that generally plays out.

“It’s unedifying. I think it’s bad for the country.”

Senator Bernardi says Australians haven’t seen a prime minister serve a full term in government since John Howard and “that is a joke”.

“It makes a mockery of our parliamentary process.

“For whatever Malcolm Turnbull’s failings I think the failings of a revolving door of prime ministership is even worse.

“But having said that, you live by the sword, you die by the sword.”

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