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‘Complete nonsense’: Communications Minister shuts down 5G health conspiracies

Communications Minister Paul Fletcher has moved to allay fears about a connection between 5G and the coronavirus. 

Conspiracy theorists believe 5G technology is behind the spread of coronavirus.

“Complete nonsense,” Mr Fletcher told Mark Levy.

“The health effects of mobile phones have been very carefully studied for more than 40 years.

“And that research from all kinds of reputable organisations, finds that there are no proven health effects of mobile phone networks or phones.

“That is true for 5G as it is true for the earlier generation of networks.

“There is absolutely no connection between 5G mobile phones and networks and the coronavirus.”

In May, Chief Medical Officer Professor Brendan Murphy released a statement saying there was no connection.

“Nor does it increase the severity of COVID-19 or make people more susceptible to COVID-19,” he said.

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