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Commissioner ditches PC policing: ‘We’ll continue to target these Sudanese gangs’

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NSW Police have ditched Victoria’s PC approach to a spate of African crime, insisting they will target “Sudanese gangs”.

After a string of robberies at electronic stores across Sydney, one senior officer refused to call out the minority group responsible.

But now the state’s top cop has come out and called it for what it is.

Commissioner Mick Fuller tells Alan Jones he has no problem in identifying the issue and those responsible.

“These Sudanese gangs have been operating since April this year and half of them are bail refused in custody.

“From my perspective, people shouldn’t be terrorised in public places Alan and we’ll continue to target these Sudanese gangs.”

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The commissioner also commented on an alarming rise in police being assaulted and says the public, media and judiciary need to start supporting officers or there will be “consequences”.

“One of the biggest challenges for police is, sometimes you have to take aggressive action to protect yourself and often when we do that we’re criticised.

“My fear for young operational police is the only time they’re supported is when they’re assaulted first.

“People need to understand there are consequences if you handcuff your police force.”



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