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Comanche skipper: ‘I was confident we should protest’

Wild Oats XI has been stripped of the Sydney to Hobart title after breaching the rules.

Wild Oats XI was handed a one-hour time penalty over a near collision, making Comanche the new record-holding Sydney to Hobart champion.

Comanche’s skipper Jim Cooney tells Ross Greenwood he was confident in their protest.

“I was very confident we were the right-of-way boat and they failed to give way adequately.

“I was confident there’d be a breach of the rules. What you never know is whether your own boat took action that exacerbated or caused the problem.”

Jim says if he was in Wild Oats XI’s position, he would have taken a self-imposed penalty of two 360-degree turns.

“These boats don’t like doing circles in those choppy conditions. But in that position, I would have taken those turns.”

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Ross Greenwood