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Clive Palmer advertises ‘irrational’ coronavirus treatment

Clive Palmer is touting an experimental drug as a possible coronavirus cure, purchasing a three-page advertisement in NewsCorp newspapers.

The billionaire businessman and former politician has purchased nearly 33 million doses of anti-malarial drug hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for COVID-19, donating the supply to the National Medical Stockpile.

Microbiologist and infectious disease expert Professor Peter Collignon condemned Mr Palmer’s proposition as an “irrational” use for the medication.

There isn’t enough evidence yet to guarantee it won’t do more harm than good, he told Deborah Knight.

“You’ll only know whether this drug works if you [test] it in proper clinical trials.”

While some non-clinical studies have taken place, results are inconclusive.

Professor Collignon said some studies have even linked the medication with a higher death rate.

“I think it’s a real problem if it’s promoted ‘hey, we’ve got the answer, this’ll save everybody’, because it won’t.”

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Image: Palmer Foundation website, Twitter/Isobel Roe