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City of Sydney Councillor wants Airbnb reforms to “strike a balance”

City of Sydney Councillor Christine Forster thinks a balance needs to be struck on the Airbnb reform debate. 

The New South Wales government has delayed long-awaited reforms to Airbnb after a joint Coalition party room meeting couldn’t agree on the proposed changes.

Under the proposed policy, a cap would be introduced on the number of nights homeowners can let out their homes.

Some MP’s are worried strata bodies won’t have enough power to protect residents from rowdy Airbnb visitors.

But there’s also concern the reforms will lead to apartment building operators banning Airbnb altogether.

Christine Forster has told Ben Fordham, “innovation is an unstoppable train, and anyone who thinks they can head off these types of new disruptive technologies is on a hiding to nothing”.

Ms Forster thinks a balance needs to be struck.

Listen below to hear Christine’s full chat with Ben Fordham

Women in their mid-40s are reportedly the most common hosts on Airbnb in Australia.

Caller Natasha is one of these, and says with the rising divorce rate and cost of living, Airbnb provides a great platform to make money for people in her situation.

Natasha is worried about the proposed regulations and the fact that she now has to pay tax on income made from Airbnb.

She tells Ben Fordham, the government is overlooking the different forms of Airbnb in their discussions, that is single room rent outs, compared to renting out an entire house.

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