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Chris calls out ridiculous rule after customer forks out $200

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Chris Smith received an email from a listener detailing how she was gypped over a ridiculous rule by mattress manufacturer Sealy.

As part of its 10-year warranty, it’s required a mattress has sunk at least 3.2cm before a claim can be made for a repair.

Listener Rita tells Chris her two-year-old mattress has sunk, and she initially paid $50 for a Sealy representative to come and inspect it.

She then paid a further $150 for the mattress to be taken to a warehouse for a thorough inspection.

Three hours later, Rita’s mattress was brought back and she was told it’s not covered under warranty.

Her mattress had sunk by 2.9cm, a different of 3mm meaning her warranty was ineffective.

Chris Smith is slamming the decision by Sealy saying that to deny her the warranty over a difference of 3mm is ridiculous.

The Chris Smith Show also reached out to Sealy for a statement and was told one would be provided by 11am Tuesday.

“Zippo, nothing from Sealy.

“We’ll just mention it every single day until we get a little bit of justice for Rita, who you’ve treated appallingly.”

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