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‘Choking on your own infrastructure’ as population hits peak 24 years early

Next month, Australia’s population is set to hit 25 million. A level we weren’t meant to reach until 2042.

The population boom is suffocating our major cities, with infrastructure buckling under the pressure.

This week’s latest Newspoll reveals 72% of voters support cutting the annual permanent migration intake but Chris Smith is questioning whether anyone in Canberra is listening.

“I don’t think the majority of politicians have the guts to raise it because the Left comes down on them like a tonne of bricks,” Chris says.

“We’re waiting longer to see doctors and receive emergency services, we’re struggling to buy houses.”

One man thinks he has a solution, and it starts with regional Australia.

Albury Mayor Kevin Mack tells Chris our rural communities are screaming out for growth and they can help ease the pressure on our largest cities.

“Time is nigh to do something about it because you are choking on your own infrastructure there in Sydney.”

Mr Mack says he’s all for welcoming migrants, but there needs to be proper planning in place.

“We are a country that’s been identified as a location of choice. I don’t see any issue with growing, I see an issue with the fact that there’s been no planned growth in our cities.”

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