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Childcare Alliance reassures parents it’s safe to re-enrol

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Childcare centres are breathing a sigh of relief thanks to a $1.6 billion federal government injection to prevent the sector’s collapse and ease the strain on working parents.

Around one million families financially affected by the coronavirus pandemic will receive free childcare through the package.

President of the Australian Childcare Alliance NSW branch Lyn Connolly tells Ben Fordham parents should re-enrol with their childcare centre as soon as possible.

“The government is very keen to make sure children stay enrolled so that when we’re over all of this, parents can go straight back to work and they won’t have lost their place.”

She assures parents centres are “one of the cleanest, most hygienic places you can keep your children” thanks to stringent health standards in the industry, with further protocols being implemented to prevent coronavirus exposure and spread.

“While you can’t take your children to the park, because there’s no hygiene practices there, take your children to childcare.”

The new system will be reviewed after one month, with an extension to be considered after three months.

“I’m sure that the government will understand that they can’t just put a final date on it,” Ms Connolly says.

“They’ll probably have to extend it and make sure we’re still operational, so we’re ready to go and kickstart the economy.”

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One million Aussie families to receive free childcare