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Chief Health Officer’s advice for hospitality workers

Advice from authorities urges all hospitality workers, such as cafe staff and baristas across NSW to wear a mask.

Overnight, the state recorded 7 new cases. 2 were travellers in hotel quarantine, 5 were locally acquired.

Chief Health Officer Dr Kerry Chant told Jim Wilson the message for the community to wear masks where they couldn’t socially distance, such as at the shops or on public transport had resonated with people.

“In terms of the hospitality workers, we have strongly messaged that hospitality workers should be urged to wear masks.

“That’s because they often can’t socially distance that 1.5 metres from patrons, and they have lots of encounters in their day with members of the public.

“And if they become infected then they are at risk of infecting a large number of people.”

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Image: Nine News