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Charity pushes to get kittens desexed as breeding season looms

Every year, hundreds of cats and kittens are rehomed by the hardworking volunteers at the Cat Protection Society.

The organisation not only helps find strays new homes, they also desex cats and kittens that come their way.

Alan Jones has been a long-term supporter of the charity, saying “these are wonderful people with big hearts and they do an outstanding job”.

In the lead up to the next breeding season, they’re on a mission to help 500 struggling cat owners desex and vaccinate their pets.

CEO of the Cat Protection Society Kristina Vesk tells Alan Jones it’s essential to act quickly.

“If you’re feeding a cat in your backyard… please get them desexed before it’s too late. Six months is too late.

“It’s a positive for the cat, it’s positive for the owner and it’s positive for the community.”

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Find out whether you are eligible for a discounted desexing and vaccination package HERE