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Changes to the JobSeeker coronavirus payments explained

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The temporary coronavirus supplement has been extended until March, but it will be tapered back for Australians searching for work. 

General Manager of Services Australia Hank Jongen explained the changes to the supplement, which was announced today by the Federal Government.

“What the government has done has extended the coronavirus supplement which sits on top of the JobSeeker payment itself,” he told Deborah Knight.

“The rate of the coronavirus supplement is $150 a fortnight from 1 January: that means the combined rate is $716 per fortnight.

“If you are currently in receipt of JobSeeker payment, the government has more than doubled the amount you can earn before it affects payment, that’s $300 a fortnight you can earn before it even starts to affect your payment.

“But the news is even better for the partner of someone on JobSeeker payment … if you’re a partner, you can earn around $3100 a fortnight before payment cuts out. Those two measures have also been extended into next year.”

He also explained the significant changes to reporting income.

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