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Can you spot what’s wrong with this Barbie?

What do you make of this?

As we head into Christmas, many parents will be out snapping up the latest toys.

But one new toy has sparked outrage for sending the wrong message to young girls.

The must-have retro Barbie Ultimate Kitchen collection is being accused of bringing back gender stereotype from the 1950s.

There are fears the toy kitchen will reinforce ideas that women belong in the home.

UNSW Associate Professor Jane Mills tells Ben Fordham she’s “a little disappointed”.

“They’ve made Barbie and her career of this year a robotics engineer.

“Now they’re giving her a toy – or children a toy – that puts Barbie back in the kitchen.

“I think it’s a bit conservative and conventional… I thought they had more imagination.

“Ken, by the way, his profession of the year is a barista. Now let’s get Ken into the kitchen making sandwiches for our robotics engineer when she comes home.”

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