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Calls to ramp up repatriation mission to bring home vulnerable Australians

The mission to retrieve Aussies stranded overseas is due to ramp up, but the Opposition remain dissatisfied with the government’s approach.

The federal government will increase the repatriation travel cap from 4000 people to 6000, with the states to ratify their commitment to increase hotel quarantine places at tomorrow’s National Cabinet meeting.

However, the Labor Party are calling for the caps to be lifted even further, up to the largest possible safe capacity, and for the federal government to make greater interventions.

Shadow foreign minister Penny Wong told Jim Wilson nearly 4000 of the 30,000 Aussies waiting to come home are classed as vulnerable.

“I’ve had many people contact my office: they’ve had multiple flight cancellations, they’re not getting their tickets refunded, their visas have run out, they might’ve lost their job.

“We need the feds to work with the state governments to actually make sure we can bring these Australians home – many of whom are in pretty dire situations.”

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