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Calls for national shutdown of dodgy ticket websites

There are calls for a national approach to stamp out ticket-scalping websites like Viagogo.

A retired Fair Trading Commissioner says the site can’t keep getting away with inflating prices and selling copies of the same ticket.

In June last year, the NSW government changed the law so tickets can’t be sold for more than 10 per cent above the original price.

Individuals can be fined $11,000, while organisations can be hit with up to $22,000 in fines.

And yet, organisations like Viagogo and StubHub are still in operation.

A Google search for State of Origin tickets

Former NSW Fair Trading Commissioner Rod Stowe tells Ray Hadley the laws are strong but they aren’t being acted on.

“They make it illegal to resell tickets to events held in our state for more than 10 per cent above the value of the ticket because there’s a resale restriction.

“Now those laws have got to be used and, to my knowledge, there has not yet been any prosecution.”

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