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Cabinet reshuffle: There’s already bad blood in the coalition

There are already signs yesterday’s reshuffle has caused bad blood in the coalition.

Chris Kenny speaks with former Infrastructure Minister Darren Chester who has been dumped from cabinet altogether.

“Yesterday was a character building day for me.

“I did have several conversations with the Deputy Prime Minister and the Primister Minister on Monday night and up until then, I was anticipating I would remain in a senior role.

“When I had the phone call with Barnaby [Joyce] I was told I wouldn’t be remaining in that position.

“I’m big enough and ugly enough to roll with the punches.”

Newcomer David Littleproud has raised a lot of questions with only two years experience.

Chris asks Mr Chester, “why is he more qualified for Agriculture Minister than you?”

“I’ve only known him for the 18 months or so he’s been in parliament. I think he’s a talented fellow.

“He’s going to have a steep learning curb going into the cabinet.”

As for former Prime Minister Tony Abbott once again being overlooked for a cabinet position.

“I think Tony has a great deal to offer when he’s focused on issues and ideas… When he’s talking about personalities I think he lets himself down.”

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