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‘Business will close their doors’: Michaelia Cash on the fate of small business under a Labor Government

Luke Grant
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Minister for Small Business Michaelia Cash has spent the last two weeks traversing the nation, getting feedback from Australia’s 2.2 million small businesses and the 4.8 million they employ.

From Perth, to Adelaide, to Rockhampton, the senator has heard from small business near and far. With 44% of the business workforce employed in the sector, Cash says it’s clear small business is essential for the country’s economic narrative and is vowing to ensure the government’s policy framework allows them to prosper.

“We really want to focus on red tape reduction in particular and also having a one-stop-shop for small business when it comes to government departments,” Cash tells Luke Grant.

 “We are a conservative government. So what do we believe in? Smaller government and cutting as much red tape as possible. We’ve abolished in our time nearly $6 billion in red tape. But let’s not stop there. There is so much more we can do.”

“I’ve been asking people about the policies that work for them. Bringing forward that tax cut to small business. We’ve legislated it down to 27.5% and it will fall further to 25%.”

“Also the $20,000 instant asset write-off. That is really important policy that allows them to upgrade their machinery, to buy something they didn’t have but desperately needed.”

With a federal election looming on the imminent horizon, Cash warns a Shorten-led Labor Government will spell bad news for the small business community.

“ I work on a very basic premise. It’s that a business that has to close employs nobody. I never want to see that happen,” she says.

“But there was real concern tonight that the policies of a future Shorten Government will do just that. Business will close their doors and if they close their doors, there ain’t no jobs.”

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Luke Grant