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‘Breathtaking ignorance’: SCG Trust member Alan Jones responds to Labor’s ‘no stadium plan’

Alan Jones has savaged new Labor leader Michael Daley over his promise not to spend a cent on New South Wales stadiums.

With the Sydney Football Stadium to be demolished in January, Mr Daley says the Opposition will not pay for the rebuild if they win the election on March 23.

In an interview with Ben Fordham on Monday, Mr Daley “put the SCG Trust on notice”, insisting they will have to cover the $729-million price tag.

Last year the Trust ran a $2-million surplus, with Mr Daley saying, “There’ll be no free money from the taxpayer. I’ll work with them to get finance”.

The longest-serving member of the Sydney Cricket Ground Trust, Alan Jones, has pointed out to Mr Daley that it’s a not-for-profit, public organisation.

“Labor Party Leader Michael Daley ought to do a bit of listening before he talks.

“He’s come to the job having done no homework. The bloke’s demonstrating an ignorance which is breathtaking.

“He’s welcome to meet with the Trust at any time. Michael Daley, you might learn something.”

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NSW Opposition vows to not spend a cent of taxpayer money on stadium rebuild