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Jim Molan concedes defeat in the Senate

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Senator Jim Molan has officially conceded defeat in the Senate, after becoming the most individually voted for politician in Australian political history.

The retired major general was placed in the unwinnable fourth position on the Coalition’s Senate ticket in the federal election.

Mr Molan has so far received 132,000 below-the-line votes but would have needed 600,000 to be elected.

He admitted to Chris Smith he won’t make it over the line.

“I was going to save it for Friday mate, but I think I can concede defeat now.”

But he says he’s keeping his options open, referring to the possibility he could find his way back into the Senate as a replacement for Arthur Sinodinos, who is moving on to a new position as Australia’s ambassador to the US.

“I’m keeping all my options open, which really means I’ll give it a go.

“I’ve certainly said to people I will keep fighting for what Liberals stand for and to continue to represent the Liberal Party in its broad church, and 130,000 people I think would expect that of me now.”

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