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Emergency incident at NSW university

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A university campus in northeastern NSW has been forced into emergency lockdown.

The Southern Cross University at Lismore is urging all students and staff to stay inside.

The Rivers Secondary College and a nearby childcare centre are also in lockdown. 

Police are denying earlier reports that up to two gunmen were on the campus, but are still urging people to stay away from the area.

The lockdown was implemented after the university received threatening phone calls around 1.30pm.

No injuries have been reported.

Kylie, who works at the childcare centre within the university campus, tells Ben Fordham they’ve been in lockdown for about an hour and 40 minutes.

“We did hear about 40 minutes ago a big bang. We don’t know whether it was a gun or what it was.”

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NBN News’ Samantha Poate tells Steve Price police have set up two significant roadblocks “to keep everyone safe”.

“There is some chatter going around about a possible gunman on campus.”

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