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Bolt and Richo shut down Peter Dutton’s attack on Labor

Peter Dutton is blaming Labor for the latest intercepted asylum seeker vessel, but conservative commentators Andrew Bolt and Graham Richardson say that’s ridiculous.

Andrew Bolt tells Ben Fordham it’s on the federal government to ensure people smugglers find ways to get into Australia.

“Listen, as much as I like Peter Dutton, please.

“I would guess it’s the action of this government that make the difference.

“I think it’s the government’s actions rather than Labor’s talk which would’ve made the difference.”

Graham Richardson says we shouldn’t get carried away.

“I’m not sure that Labor’s to blame here.

“It’s a pretty small number, let’s not all get carried away. It doesn’t mean the boats are coming back again.

“Let’s all take a deep breath.”

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Dutton concerned after biggest people smuggling bust since Labor