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Dutton concerned after biggest people smuggling bust since Labor

Image: Royal Malaysia Police

A ship carrying 131 Sri Lankan immigrants has been intercepted off the coast of Malaysia, on its way to Australia or New Zealand.

“It was one the biggest vessels that we’ve seen really during the whole time of Operation Sovereign Borders,” says Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton.

“It’s a reminder that so far we’ve turned back 32 boats and that this problem hasn’t gone away.”

He tells Ben Fordham the region remains a desirable destination for people smugglers, and Labor is part of the problem.

“People have heard Labor talking about New Zealand as a destination.

“People know that New Zealand is a backdoor entry into our country.”

Mr Dutton also blames Labor’s proposed immigration policy which would only hold asylum seekers in detention for 90 days.

“Labor’s crazy policy of the 90-day rule is basically just a green light for people to get into our country.

“It would be a complete disaster.”

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