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Bob Katter: ‘The government yarded us and the banks butchered us’

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Independent MP Bob Katter made his presence known at the banking royal commission today and now he’s taking aim at the government and our banks over the treatment of Australian farmers.

The leader of Katter’s Australian Party attended the hearings in Brisbane where the focus has been on farming finance.

Mr Katter directly questioned commissioner Kenneth Hayne as to how farmers will be protected financially in the future.

Commissioner Hayne told Mr Katter the “fruits” of the commission’s work would appear in a report and the Queensland-based independent isn’t the only one concerned about misconduct.

The Member for Kennedy tells Ross Greenwood he was pleased with today’s hearings but says Aussie farmers are being kicked down at every opportunity.

“I said today that the government yarded us and the banks butchered us and that’s a fair comment.”

Mr Katter has pointed the finger at the federal government’s hesitance to subsidise the agriculture industry, saying it stands at odds with conduct in the rest of the world.

“The farmers, everywhere in the world… get 40% of their income from the government. Except if you’re in Australia… you get 5.5% of your income from the government.

“We can’t possibly survive up against that massive subsidy figure and we’re not.”

The Royal Commission has dropped natural disaster insurance from its current hearings so it can devote more time to farming finance.

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