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Immortal Bob Fulton responds to the NRL’s slur against his integrity

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Rugby League immortal Bob Fulton has responded to the NRL’s unfounded allegations that he’s been involved in rorting the salary cap.

During the week the NRL announced punishments against Manly for salary cap indiscretions, and dragged Bob Fulton into the mix despite making no findings against him.

The game’s administrators also made the disgraceful decision to leak private correspondence sent to Bob Fulton during the investigation, in a bid to discredit the Rugby League legend.

NRL CEO Todd Greenberg told senior journalists that Bob would not be welcomed back into the game if he chose to come out of retirement.

Today, the immortal and Continuous Call Team vice-captain hit back.

“It has been a tough week but I’ve just got to take it in my stride.

“Given that Manly has appealed the NRL’s finding, I would love to open up but I don’t think it’d be prudent at this stage to do that.

“But I will say this…

“I’ve been accused by the NRL, and in particular the integrity unit, of being involved in rorting the salary cap.

“At this stage, I’ve had nothing from the integrity unit that gives me information on the findings against me.

“I’ve got to defend myself and I don’t know what I have done wrong, if anything.

“All I ask for is let me see the documents.

“Is there a term called natural justice here. That’s all I ask for. That’s all I ask for and it should be forthcoming.

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