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Blood bank ditching typical post-donation snacks for fancier alternative

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The Australian Red Cross is ditching some of its typical post-blood-donation snacks as it hosts its first 24-hour blood drive.

It’s National Blood Donor Week and the blood bank with be hosting Bloody Great Friday, the country’s first all-night donate-a-thon.

Starting at 7pm on Thursday night in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne, people can roll up their sleeves while enjoying special entertainment and a new range of delicious treats.

Blood service spokesperson Nicky Breen tells Alan Jones they’ve organised some unique food options for their overnight donors.

“For some of the late night arrivals, there’s donor kebabs instead of the typical milkshake,” she says.

“We’ll have musicians, we’ll have artists… and Gelato Messina’s also some to the party with their ABSO-BLOODY-LUTELY custom flavour gelato that they’ve designed for us.”

She says events like this are important to highlight the need for new donors.

“Many of us might be surprised to learn that Australia needs a new blood donor every five minutes.

“I think a lot of us also might be surprised to know that one in three of us will need blood during our lifetime… but only one in 30 of us donate.”

26-year-old Madeline Paech, who has given blood more than 110 times, also talks Alan through the donation process.

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