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Bin night begets a backyard discovery for amateur zoologist

Amanda De George got a shock when her trip to take the recycling bin out uncovered a possibly undescribed species of spider.

Ms De George describes herself as an “enthusiastic amateur”, documenting the wildlife around her NSW South Coast home on her blog and Facebook page.

She told Deborah Knight all about her backyard discovery, assuring the new spider is perfectly harmless.

“Jumping spiders themselves are really pretty spiders; I think they’re like the puppy dogs of the spider world.

“Nothing to be worried about at all … wouldn’t be able to bit through my skin, I wouldn’t imagine.”

Deborah suggested the creature should be named after its discoverer.

“That’s not up to me to decide … [but] if you’ve suggested it, Deb, who am I to say no!”

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Image: Facebook/Backyard Zoology