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Big Guns doubtful of World Health Assembly COVID-19 probe

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The international push to launch an inquiry into COVID-19 is gathering steam, with a motion set to be passed tomorrow morning by the World Health Assembly.

Big Guns Peta Credlin and Graham Richardson have weighed in, expressing doubt about the efficacy of the investigation.

Peta said the motion, which will be moved by the European Union, makes no mention of China’s culpability or even the word ‘origins’.

“It’s a lot of diplomatic code and diplomatic speak,” she told Ben Fordham.

“In the end, will it change anything? I hope it does, but I’ll be buggered if I know why the World Health Organisation is going to be a part of the report … that seems crazy to me.”

Graham Richardson was even less optimistic.

“The Chinese will just get in the road, they’ll hinder and … harm any investigation.

“It’s the one country in the world that will not in any way pay heed to international pressure.”

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