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Ben Fordham questions ‘weird’ coronavirus sculpture

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A Sydney council is planning to erect a sculpture to honour coronavirus.

The Northern Beaches Council approved a minimum of $100,000 to be spent on the sculpture which would be seen on the Manly to Palm Beach walkway.

The council hasn’t put a cap on the total cost of the statue, meaning it could use the entire $1.7 million in funding set aside for public artwork.

Northern Beaches Councillor Rory Amon told Ben Fordham a design hasn’t been developed yet.

“If you can find more people who support it than don’t, I’ll build it myself.

“Council’s slashed infrastructure spending… yet we’re spending up to $1.7 million on a monument to a virus.

“It’s just not something people want. It’s something that people see as a bit weird, a bit bizarre, a bit tone death.”

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But Northern Beaches Mayor Michael Regan told Ben the sculpture will help support local artists.

“The sculpture will be an art piece that celebrates the way the community came together.

“It’s meant to be positive, it’s not supposed to be some germ that’s been depicted on Facebook.

“I’d be the first person to walk in your office and say, ‘let’s go down to Macquarie Street, to the minister’s office, and you can sack me now because that’s just a load of crap.'”

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