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Ben Fordham lifts the lid on ‘Opera by Disguise’

Ben Fordham has revealed the hilarious secret behind SMA Production’s ‘Opera by Disguise’.

Ben met ‘Marco’ at a charity event for wheelchair-bound teen rugby player Alex Noble.

‘Marco’, who claimed to be a winemaker and a new parent at the school, quickly turned heads when his “proper Italian toast” turned into an all-out operatic concert.

“A lot of people listening might be thinking, ‘I’m organising an event and I want something different, something special’. So for you people, I’m going to reveal what’s behind the disguise,” Ben told listeners.

SMA Productions’ artistic director David Malek – AKA ‘Marco’ – says the wholesome prank can make for a joyful moment at both charity and corporate events.

“Ben, it’s the music that moves people, makes them feel stuff. And it’s music that you don’t have to have gone to opera every day of your life to appreciate.”

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Image: SMA Productions

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