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Ben Fordham is on a mission to test an urban myth

Will this myth be busted?

Ben Fordham is on a mission to test an urban myth…

Can you unlock a car through a phone?

It all started when paramedics issued a warning about the consequences of leaving children alone in cars.

Listener Mike emailed in with a top trick, claiming you can unlock a car remotely using a mobile phone and a spare key.

All you have to do, he says, is call the person who’s got the spare key and ask them to press the unlock button into the microphone while you’re holding up your phone to the driver-side door.

Producer Liz preparing to test the myth

Ben was curious and decided to test the theory by sending Associate Producer Liz Daniels to the 2GB carpark, to see if they could unlock his car.

And it worked!

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But the experiment was met with cynicism, with emailers saying it only worked because Ben was so close by.

So producer Liz was sent on the road, driving Ben’s car 1.2km away from the 2GB studios to see if distance made the difference.

“Liz, I’m not that hopeful,” admits Ben.

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Will this myth be busted?