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Ben Fordham and Mark Latham’s ‘inglorious career’ are in trouble on Twitter

Ben Fordham is in trouble.

Transgender woman and former Australian Defence Force member Cate McGregor has lashed out at Ben on Twitter, throwing him in the middle of her feud with Mark Latham.

She’s claiming Ben gives Mark a platform for his “inglorious career”.

“It’s all very dangerous, isn’t it. Words, opinions, commentary,” Mark Latham tells Ben.

“People can decide whether I’m speaking the truth or otherwise, that’s the virtue of free speech on 2GB.

“We’re talking about the most brittle glass jaw in the history of the country.”

Mark calls out McGregor for using the public platform to fuel her fire.

“Whatever it takes to get publicity, to get the name in lights, to seek some attention, to try and draw some sympathy, Catherine McGregor will do it.

“It’s a sad case of someone who’s just completely lost the plot.”

Listen to the full interview below