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Ben Fordham and Corrections Minister clash over new parole reforms

Ben Fordham and Corrections Minister have clashed over new parole forms which will see paroled sex offenders more closely monitored.

High-risk sex offenders will be required to wear ankle bracelets.

The move follows a review of the system after the rape of a 7-year-old girl at a Kogarah dance school earlier this month.

All parole breaches will now be automatically reported to the state parole authority and sex offender parole reports will be highly scrutinised by senior parole staff.

But the reforms are being criticised for not being retrospective, with Ben Fordham clashing with the Corrections Minister David Elliott over the issue.

“Wouldn’t the people of New South Wales say, ‘You know what minister, make them retrospective and if one of these grubs is going to challenge it in the Supreme Court… we’d rather you take that risk than risk our children,” says Ben.

But the minister is worried “the whole thing could be challenged”.

“These are delicate, political and legal issues.”

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The minister says no price can be put on community protection and all resources will be provided to monitor these offenders.

He tells Ben Fordham “I, like most members of the community, were horrified”.

The minister says the round-the-clock monitoring will be “a great deterrent”.

“I’m not going to take any chances with the lives of our children, and that’s why this is an extra safeguard.”