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Ben drills Agriculture Minister over CCTV surveillance on export ships

The live sheep trade will not be banned over the northern hemisphere summer, but independent observers will now board export ships to provide feedback on animal conditions.

A review has been released making 23 recommendations to improve animal welfare on export vessels after shocking footage revealed Australian animals dying on ships bound for the Middle East.

Independent observers will be placed on export ships, but Ben Fordham presses the minister on why CCTV cameras aren’t on the list.

“Minister, let’s not muck around,” he says.

“If anyone wants to know what’s going on somewhere, if you install a CCTV camera, then you know what the hell is going on.

“I think every person listening understands that.”

When asked if he wants the CCTV cameras installed, the Agriculture Minister tells Ben, “bloody oath I do”, but says “it’s a little bit more complex than out the front of a pub”.

“I’m about to make a decision that impacts an industry, so I want to make sure I get it right and I apologise if that doesn’t sit with everyone else.”

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