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Ben absolutely slams Clive Palmer over ridiculous billboards

Clive Palmer has funded billboards across the country, plastering his face alongside the slogan ‘Make Australia Great’, despite owing former employees millions.

Ben Fordham isn’t having a bar of it, slamming the former politician for the move.

“That’s all well and good Clive that you love Australia… but can you find another way of displaying that affection for your homeland than spending money on billboards?

“Last time I checked, when you bailed out of your nickel business, staff weren’t paid out their holidays.”

900 workers were laid off when the Palmer’s Queensland Nickel collapsed.

“Do you reckon they would appreciate driving past a billboard of your big fat smiley face giving the thumbs up and saying ‘Make Australia Great’?”

Ben instead has some sound advice for the former businessman, or “current dickhead”, as he calls him.

“I’ll tell you one way to make Australia great Clive, is by paying your way, paying your bills, and doing the right thing.

“I don’t know how this guy looks at himself in the mirror.”

Speaking with Ben, former Prime Minister Tony Abbott says “it’s not cheap to slap your face all over billboards”.

“He’s dudded workers and he’s dudded taxpayers and I think people would regard this as a little bit rich in every sense.”

Listen to Ben’s fiery comments in full below

Image: Twitter