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Beat your holiday hangover with a special cocktail

There’s a fair chance quite a few Aussies are waking up this morning with sore eyes and aching heads.

Whether you’d stayed up late to watch the fireworks or indulged a few too many drinks and have been left with a dreaded hangover, there are a few ways you can get your energy back.

Chris Kenny finds out how to ditch your hangover quick smart from author and nutritionist Fiona Tuck.

“A little bit of salt and sugar will get those electrolytes into the body to help the water absorb.

“Sometimes having something like a fruit juice, if you can actually stomach it, will help.”

Chris also speaks with Max Petro, the founder of The Hangover.Clinic –  a one-stop-shop that’ll cure your hangover for good.

“We engage with doctors that will come to your house or into our clinic that provide an IV drip.”

The clinic also offers vitamin cocktails to elevate the symptoms of a hangover.

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