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‘Be really careful’: Security concerns with viral FaceApp

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Experts are warning of security concerns when using a Russian developed ageing app which has access to your camera roll.

FaceApp puts a filter over your face to make you look old and has gone viral in the last few days.

But experts are concerned that the app can access and store images from your camera roll, without your permission.

Futurist and Business Technology expert Steve Sammartino tells Ben Fordham people need to be careful when using the app.

“Even if you say no to them accessing the pics on your camera roll it accesses them anyway.

“Your face is now a form of copyright where you need to be really careful who you give permission to access your biometric data.

“If you start using that willy nilly, in the future when we’re using our face to access things, like our money and credit cards, then what we’ve done is we’ve handed the keys to others.”

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