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Barnaby Joyce says dairy farmers could miss out on federal support

Former deputy prime minister Barnaby Joyce says he doesn’t see a reprieve for dairy farmers who are begging for supermarkets to up the price of milk.

Struggling dairy farmers have called for higher milk prices as the drought cripples towns across the country.

Mr Joyce tells Ben Fordham he predicts more help for farmers will be announced.

“I would put my house on it that in short order there will be another announcement on the drought.

“I’ve been around this game long enough to be able to pick that.”

But he admits he doesn’t see how the government could force the supermarkets to pass on price rises to farmers.

Ben Fordham: “Do you also predict that there will be an announcement coming on dairy farmers?”

Barnaby Joyce: “I don’t think that will be part of the process, no I don’t, I have to be honest with you.”

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Image: Getty/Michael Masters