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Ball-tampering scandal reveals ‘cultural issues’ in Australian cricket

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Chairman of the Australian Sports Commission John Wylie says the ball-tampering scandal reveals “cultural issues” within the Australian cricket team.

Mr Wylie tells Chris Smith a “top-to-bottom” review is needed.

“What I’ve seen from long experience in business and sporting organisations is that these sorts of things typically don’t happen in isolation.

“Typically, they’re a product of a culture that develops over time and I think there are some cultural issues in and around the Australian cricket team.

“Let’s hope… they take the opportunity to do a top-to-bottom review of the sport and the culture surrounding the Australian team.”

Despite speculation captain Steve Smith was already on a flight home, Cricket Australia says all members of the touring side are still in South Africa to assist with inquiries.

Mr Wylie says if an Olympic athlete engaged in identical conduct they would be on the first flight home.

“Australians do expect better out of their national team,” Mr Wylie says.

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