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Author says read to your kids or get a dog instead

A leading author warns if you’re not reading to your children you’re setting them up for failure.

Celebrated Australian author Mem Fox, famous for her iconic children’s books such as Possum Magic, tells Ben Fordham kids know we love them when we read to them.

“It’s one of the most beautiful times of the day when parents let go of everything and focus entirely on the child.”

Mem says books for very young children tend to be very rhymic, very soothing and they make kids feel safe.

“Children who have been read to before they go to school usually find learning to read easier.

“There’s lots of ways to teach reading, no matter which way they’re taught, if they’ve been read to it will help the scholastically.”

Ms Fox tries to impress how important books are for kids by telling people “if you’re not going to take time to read to your children then have a dog.”

“Truly, if children are not read to before they go to school life is ever so much harder for them, it really is.”

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