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Australia’s low fuel reserves putting our country in serious danger

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Australia’s dangerously low fuel reserves could be putting us in serious danger if we were to go to war in our current position, says Jim Molan.

Should Australia’s trade supplies be cut off we would only have 55 days worth of fuel.

This is opposed to Japan’s 183 days of fuel.

That means if we were to go to war at this moment, Australia’s armed forces could be rendered hopeless in a matter of days.

Retired major general Jim Molan says Australia isn’t taking the issue seriously enough.

He tells Merrick Watts the number of days we would last with current fuel supplies might be even lower than originally suggested.

“The figures that I’ve got indicate that we have 23 days at normal consumption rates of liquid fuel in this country.”

He also says we can’t rely on the US to keep our trade routes open anymore.

“We’ve spent 75 years since the end of the Second World War quite confident that the US Navy could always open up lines of communications… nowadays that is no longer the case as we’re seeing in the Gulf at the moment.

“The US Navy at the end of the Cold War was 600 ships strong. It’s now less than 300 ships.”

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