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Australia’s largest trucking company pushes for national roads reform

The road transport industry is crucial to Australia and it’s economy, but there is a crisis looming.

Truck fatalities are on the rise and one of the nation’s largest transport and logistics companies Toll Group has put forward an interesting fact.

Managing Director of Toll Group Michael Bryne has pointed out truck drivers are allowed to drive with alcohol in their system in NSW so long as it’s no higher than 0.02.

But other states have a zero blood alcohol requirement.

“The industry and government need to be showing absolutely more leadership.

“This is Australia. We have to have national rules.

“It makes no sense to me that you should be able to drive a 64-tonne truck on a NSW country road and have alcohol in your system.

“You shouldn’t be able to make a man or a woman work 17-hours driving a truck in WA.

“You shouldn’t have a truck that can go 130km an hour.

“We need actual reforms here.”

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