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Australia’s Eurovision royalty teases her ‘minimalist and breezy’ new album

Australian pop singer-songwriter Kate Miller-Heidke has joined Deborah Knight to reveal the home truths behind her powerful new single.

‘This Is Not Forever’ is the classically-trained artist’s first release since her Eurovision hit ‘Zero Gravity’.

“It was written about watching someone really close to me start to fall into a depression, and wanting to let them know that I was there for them.

“This song was never going to be a single, but I started listening to it more and more in context of the whole pandemic, and it took on extra resonance, as songs do sometimes.

“They change – they’re like living organisms.”

Kate Miller-Heidke has given listeners a teaser for her fifth album, which she says is “quite different” to her previous work.

“It’s a pop record, but it’s sort of minimalist and breezy and beautiful.”

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