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Australians against current immigration intake spikes by 14%

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The results of a new poll are set to get the migration debate back on the agenda after revealing a majority of Australians believe immigration rates are too high.

The survey conducted by the Lowy Institute found 54% of Australians aren’t in favour of the current intake, up 14% from last year.

Entrepreneur and population campaigner Dick Smith says he’s continually surprised our political leaders aren’t fronting up to the issue.

“The only party that has a proper population policy… is Pauline Hanson.

“I would have thought one of the major political parties would reflect what most Aussies want and actually have a policy by now.”

Dick tells Ben Fordham infrastructure isn’t the major problem but finding work for everyone is.

“With automation and robotics, things are changingĀ forever. There’s actually going to be less jobs available… rather than more.”

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