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Australian wins the longest and toughest horse race in the world

It is known as the longest and toughest horse race in the world, and an Aussie has taken out the win.

The Mongol Derby extends 1000km through the Mongolian Steppe and recreates the horse messenger system developed by Ghengis Khan in 1224  that connected half the planet.

This year, Victorian riders Annabel Neasham and Adrian Corboy have won the seven-day endurance race, several hours ahead of second place.

The race attracts a plethora of international riders every year, requiring them to change steed every 40km.

“You didn’t know what you were going to get… it was like sticking your head in a bag of jelly beans,” Adrian tells Alan.

“There’s a bit of an art to it. You’ve essentially gotta try and pick a horse that looks fit enough that will go the 40km and still have a quick heart rate to cover it,” says Annabel.

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Image: Twitter / @mongolderbylive