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Australian Federal Police under the spotlight and not for the first time, says Alan Jones

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Alan Jones says the Australian Federal Police (AFP) is under the spotlight yet again for “unaustralian” behaviour after they raided a journalist’s home on Tuesday.

A raid of journalist Annika Smethurst’s apartment on Tuesday over a story about a secret government plan to spy on its citizens has outraged Australians, with many seeing it as an attack on press freedom.

But Alan Jones says the incident has reminded him of other controversial decisions made by the AFP.

“In a paradoxical way, I’m beginning to think that I’m glad Annika Smethurst’s home was raided this week by the federal police because it’s now focused on a range of issues which I think most Australians would regard as completely unaustralian.”

He says the raid reminds him of the AFP’s poor handling of the Bali Nine case, which resulted in the Australians involved being sentenced to death or life imprisonment in Indonesia.

It also brought back more recent memories of whistleblower Richard Boyle, who is facing a maximum 161-year jail sentence after exposing abuses of power in the Australian Taxation Office.

Alan says many Australians would agree that the AFP mishandled these cases.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t believe this is the way Australians believe things should happen. The media focus is on this draconian raid, and it’s not going to end.

“The Australian Federal Police are not the only outfit behaving like this.

“Scott Morrison… we’re relying on you.”

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