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Australia still viewed as ‘safe’ and ‘secure’ to tourists despite terror attacks

Tourism Australia’s boss says Australia is still viewed as a safe destination, even in the wake of the Bourke Street terror attack on Friday.

CEO of Tourism Australia, John O’Sullivan, says safety and security is a key driver for international travellers when they’re choosing where to go.

He says, overall, terrorism in Australia is viewed as “isolated” and doesn’t impact how the majority of tourists view our nation.

“As tragic as the events were that took place in Melbourne… what we do know is Australia is still seen as a very safe and welcoming destination,” he says.

He says they focus on portraying Australia as welcoming through their ambassadors.

“We don’t advertise safety as an attribute of the country, because you can’t,” he says.

“We know for a fact, our research shows that in markets like China and around the world we’re seen as often as ranking alongside Japan as being perceived as a safe and secure nation.”

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